For good

In times of pain or hurt or struggle, have you ever thought directly about the Cross? Not the typical response, like Look at what Jesus went through. I can surely go through what I'm going through because of his grace. But what I mean is this: sometimes we stress so much over what is best to do or not to do. Or who is best to associate with or not to associate with. Or how to handle this or that situation. Or why this or that is happening to me.
Think about Jesus standing before Pilate. Jesus wanted to be spared from that situation (especially the Cross that would follow), and even Pilate wanted to spare him from the situation. God knew that when His son was on the cross, He would have to turn His face away because of the inability for God to associate with OUR sin that was upon His son, in such a heartbreaking moment. He knew this would happen. And He allowed it. He allowed hurt and pain. For OUR good.
I think sometimes we look at painful things in our lives and think, Why is this happening to me? Why is this happening to him or her? If this hurts the heart of God, and if it hurts my heart, surely it is not His will. But in all actuality, IT IS. For it will bring good. Whether or not we see it now in our lifetime, it will bring good. God allowed hurt in His and His own son's life because He knew the good it would bring. Even though it did not make sense to mankind and even to Jesus in moments, it needed to happen. For if it didn't happen, we wouldn't be free. Man did what he could - Pilate put up a fight for Jesus. And even though man did what He could to do what he thought was absolutely right and good, God had His way. What if Pilate would have convinced the crowd that Jesus was in fact, what he was in fact, good and worthy to be freed? What if the anger in that crowd was suddenly convinced otherwise? But God allowed that anger. Think about how amazing that is! God allowed their anger, so that they would do nothing to stop the crucifixion of His own beloved son.
Why is this happening to me? It makes absolutely no sense. But it does to God. For a greater purpose than we can imagine. He will have His way if we will let Him, despite the pain it may bring. It makes sense. And it is FOR good.

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